I was inspired by the Parabola Calculator version 2.0 to write my own parabola calculator, not in VB (It sucks to start VMWare / Wine / etc. just to run the calculator) ;-)  It doesn't have all the functionality as the Parabola Calculator v2.0 but it is a good start.  It is web based, simple JavaScript.  You can  use it here. (No guarantees on its accuracy)


Download it here v0.0.6 (MD5: BAF6D687DAC19E6E6F75B8C07CAB29E4)

I've created a simple Java command-line application that will download a file using multiple threads, like a download accelerator. I use it on my Raspberry PI NAS. The current version does not resume downloads.

I've created a very basic Wily Werewolf wallpaper that can be used for both Desktop as well as Login screen wallpaper. Refer to UbuntuHandbook's article on how to change the login / lock screen. Enjoy:

Wily Werewolf Wallpaper
Wily Werewolf Wallpaper

(Right click and download image)

Source: The wallpaper consist of two images, the background is from OMG! Ubuntu! and the Wily Werewolf is from Ubuntu Artwork



Encrypt Decrypt Zip (Unzip)

Download it here v0.1.6 (MD5: 2314D911CEAD44D711B565957C5A3F2B)

Source code here

I've created a simple Java command-line application that will zip a file or files and password protect it. Furthermore, the application will rename the files and store the original name and directory structure in an additional file in the zip file. The password can either be supplied as a command line parameter or a path to a password file. The password file can be generated using the same application. The same password file must be used for encrypting as well as decrypting. The application will pick a random password from the password file. An index of the password used, in the password file, will be encoded in the zip file name.