Download it here v0.0.6 (MD5: BAF6D687DAC19E6E6F75B8C07CAB29E4)

I've created a simple Java command-line application that will download a file using multiple threads, like a download accelerator. I use it on my Raspberry PI NAS. The current version does not resume downloads.

I've also created a script to run the application with optimal settings (

nohup java -server -XX:CompileThreshold=2 -XX:+AggressiveOpts -XX:+UseFastAccessorMethods -jar MultiDownloader.jar --url=$1 >download.log 2>&1 &

Look at Java tip: How to read files quickly for an explanation of the Java settings.

Then to run it:


On the command line, just type java -jar MultiDownloader --help to get the help screen:

java -jar MultiDownloader.jar [--parts=numberOfThreads] [--buffersize=size] <--url=url>
--help This help screen
--parts=numberOfThread Optional, default is 4. Number of threads to run
--buffersize=size Optional, default is 8192. Reading buffer size when concatenating the file parts
--url=url The url of the file to download